Stafford Global

Stafford Global are pioneer providers of Online Degrees – Online MBA, DBA, PGCE & Online Masters – from some of the best UK universities. Our course portfolio consists of Distance Learning and Online Degrees, and is available to students in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe & the Middle East.

SMM Success Story

1. Objective

To enhance Stafford Global’s online visibility, drive lead generation, and increase brand engagement through a targeted and results-focused social media marketing campaign.

2. Challenge

The market for online education programs was highly competitive, and Stafford Global, a top provider, was up against it. Despite providing top-notch courses, they had trouble reaching their target demographic and turning prospects into enrollees. To overcome these obstacles and accomplish their business objectives, they sought our social media marketing agency’s assistance.

3. Solution

Our team devised a comprehensive strategy to boost Stafford Global’s digital presence and improve audience engagement.

The key steps of our Social Media process included:

1. Audience Research and Social Media Audit

We conducted thorough audience research to understand Stafford Global’s target demographics, interests, and pain points. Simultaneously, we conducted a detailed social media audit to assess their current platforms, content performance, and competitor analysis.

2. Data-Driven Strategy

Using the insights from our research, we developed a data-driven social media strategy. Our main goal was to create engaging content that resonated with the target audience while aligning with Stafford Global’s brand identity and core values.

3. Content Mix and Editorial Calendar

We created a content mix that featured educational films, motivational student success stories, informative blog pieces, and eye-catching images. An editorial calendar was used to organize the material strategically in order to ensure consistency and relevancy across channels.

4. Multi-Channel Campaigns

To maximize reach, we launched multi-channel social media campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Each ad was tailored to the platform’s specific features as well as the audience’s preferences.

5. Social Media KPIs and Performance Tracking

We established key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with Stafford Global’s objectives, such as website clicks, lead form submissions, social media engagement, and conversion rates. Consistent performance tracking allowed us to optimise the campaign in real time.


1. Brand Visibility​

Stafford Global’s online visibility significantly improved, with a 45% increase in brand mentions and more than 100% growth in social media followers.

2. Lead Generation​

A 120% increase in lead generation form submissions significantly enhanced Stafford Global’s student enrollment rates.

3. Audience Engagement​

The average post-engagement rate increased across platforms by about 20%, indicating greater interest and involvement.

4. Website Traffic​

The social media campaigns contributed to a 60% rise in website traffic, resulting in increased exploration of Stafford Global’s course offerings.


The social media approach and campaign performance have strengthened Stafford Global’s status as a leading provider of online education programs.

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