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Stafford Global are pioneer providers of Online Degrees – Online MBA, DBA, PGCE & Online Masters – from some of the best UK universities. Our course portfolio consists of Distance Learning and Online Degrees, and is available to students in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe & the Middle East.

SEO Success Story

1. Objective

The primary objective was to enhance Stafford Global’s organic Search Engine visibility, drive traffic, and optimise conversions, with a particular focus on Google.

2. Challenge

The relevant search keywords for the specific niche were of high competition. Despite offering exceptional courses, Stafford’s website suffered from inadequate Search Engine visibility, consequently hindering the attainment of optimal organic conversions.

3. Solution

By conducting an exhaustive market analysis and well-structured SEO strategy, the SAM team successfully elevated Stafford Global’s organic visibility, website traffic, and conversion rates across various Search Engines.

The key steps of our SEO process included:

1. Website Audit

Conducting a comprehensive website SEO audit, including an in-depth analysis of organic Search Engine performance and a thorough assessment of user experience.

2. Competitor Analysis

Performed an in-depth analysis of Stafford’s prominent competitors present on Search Engine result pages and carefully observed their SEO tactics, including keywords used. Consequently, formulated strategic initiatives aimed at surpassing their Search Engine page rankings.

3. Website Optimisation

Utilised advanced website optimisation techniques to enhance user experience, including the integration of a new design, updates to the on-page SEO, and the proficient optimisation of website page speed. In addition, the team executed localised SEO enhancements aimed at strengthening the website’s rankings within relevant international markets.

4. Content Outreach

Through an extensive analysis of organic traffic patterns, strategic initiatives were composed to generate and publish compelling content for the Stafford website, including blogs, videos, and infographics. Employing advanced SEO optimisation techniques, such as the incorporation of structured data, enabled the elevation of content rankings, particularly within Search Engine featured snippets, consequently fostering the acquisition of valuable organic backlinks.

5. Monitor & Fine-Tune

Recognising SEO is an ongoing process, the team diligently engaged in regular monitoring of Stafford’s SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as organic traffic trends, Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings, and Search Engine algorithms. Accordingly, the team Implemented regular refinements in the website’s on-page and off-page SEO strategies, ensuring a steady growth in the organic traffic and conversion.


1. Traffic Comaparison : 2019 to 2020 & 2022​

50,522 (156%)
117,622 (494%)
Total Keywords
582 (33%)
817 (65%)

2. Ahrefs Report​

3. Google Analytics Report​

‘In 2020, there was a significant growth in organic users and traffic, which saw a remarkable increase of 156%, along with a 33% improvement in search engine keyword ranking, compared to the figures observed in 2019. An increase in the conversion was also observed in the same year. These positive outcomes can be attributed to the enhanced user experience achieved through strategic measures, such as the implementation of a new website platform, optimisation of website navigation, and improvements in the page speed.


In 2022, organic users and traffic increased remarkably by 494%, in addition to a notable 65% improvement in the keyword ranking, compared to 2019. Concurrently, there was a substantial surge in conversion rates.  The growth can be credited to the successful integration of various SEO optimisation techniques, including media embeds, Schema markups, and other consistent on-page and off-page SEO tactics.’

Organic Traffic up - Google Analytics- July 2022- Schema markup


The sophisticated approach in SAM’s SEO process secured Stafford Global’s rank on the top positions of Search Engine Result Page, specifically for relevant search queries related to online education programs.

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