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Search Engine Optimisation is the most important digital strategy a brand or service should adopt. It allows for organic lead generation with high intent to purchase.

SAM’s SEO services integrate On-page, Off-page, Technical SEO services & content creation, taking a holistic approach to building your website to rank on the first pages of Google Search.


Clients We Work With

Stafford Global
University of Nottingham
University of Northampton
Edinburgh Napier University
University of Dundee
University of Leicester
University of Hull

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Our SEO Process

The Search Engine Optimisation process at SAM has been shaped to meet our client’s requirements. The primary objective of SEO process is to enhance the organic, non-paid traffic directed to a website, thereby attracting valuable customers, and cultivating an improved online presence. The process encompasses a series of pivotal steps designed to attain these specific goals:

1. Website Audit

Conducting a comprehensive website SEO audit, including an in-depth analysis of organic Search Engine performance and a thorough assessment of user experience.

2. Keyword Research

Through a comprehensive market study and the adept utilisation of advanced keyword research tools, we aim to identify relevant search keywords, considering critical factors like geographical locations, search volume, and competition. We endeavour to attract new users to the website, thereby boosting organic traffic and enabling higher conversion rates.

3. Competitor Analysis

An extensive analysis of significant competitors on Search Engine result pages, leveraging advanced tools and conducting an extensive market study, we strive to gain profound insights into their marketing tactics, technical SEO approaches, top-ranking pages, backlink profiles, keyword strategies, content planning, and traffic volumes. 

4. Website Optimisation

Conducting a thorough website audit and employing advanced on-page SEO tactics constitute integral components of our optimisation process. By addressing potential errors and ensuring an impeccable user experience, our efforts are geared towards attaining higher organic Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings, increased traffic, and improved conversion rates for the website.

5. Content Outreach

Our Content Outreach process involves an exhaustive analysis of organic page traffic. Through this analysis, we provide tailored recommendations to enhance various content elements, such as blogs, videos, and infographics. By optimising these aspects, we aim to expand the website’s reach to new users, acquiring backlinks organically, thereby facilitating organic growth and increased engagement.

6. Monitor & Fine-Tune

SEO is an ongoing process that requires systematic adjustments. Through frequent monitoring of traffic patterns, Search Engine Result Page (SERP) indices, technical audits, and updates to Search Engine algorithms, we proficiently identify areas for improvement in website SEO. This proactive approach enables us to stay up-to-date with the evolving trends and make data-driven decisions to enhance the website’s search visibility.

7. Reporting

SEO reports provide insights into the website performance on Search Engines and unveiling valuable improvement opportunities. These reports are generated periodically using advanced SEO analytical tools, ensuring the website’s progress in achieving its organic traffic, Search Engine Page Rank, and conversion objectives. By relying on these insightful reports, we are equipped to make informed decisions and implement strategic measures to optimise the website’s overall online presence and performance.

SEO Success Story

Stafford Global

Stafford Global are pioneer providers of Online Degrees – Online MBA, DBA, PGCE & Online Masters – from some of the best UK universities. Our course portfolio consists of Distance Learning and Online Degrees, and is available to students in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe & the Middle East.

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