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Stafford Global are pioneer providers of Online Degrees – Online MBA, DBA, PGCE & Online Masters – from some of the best UK universities. Our course portfolio consists of Distance Learning and Online Degrees, and is available to students in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe & the Middle East.

PPC Success Story

1. Objective

To drive lead generation campaigns for Staffordglobal on digital channels like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and increase brand engagement through a targeted and results-focused performance marketing strategy with the objective of increased Conversion rates and decreased Cost per lead.

2. Challenge

The market for online education programs was highly competitive and saturated, and Stafford Global, a top provider, was up against it. Despite providing top-notch courses, they had trouble reaching their target demographic and turning prospects into students. To overcome these obstacles and accomplish their business objectives, they sought our performance marketing agency’s assistance.

3. Solution

Our team devised a comprehensive strategy to boost Stafford Global’s lead generation and improve audience engagement.

The key elements of our approach included

1. Initial account analysis

Analysed the current ad accounts, keywords being used, ad structure analysis, best-performing campaigns & ad groups, landing page analysis, negative keywords analysis, Quality score metrics, and other important metrics overlook

2. Determining clear Goals and Objectives

Stafford Global had a clear Goal to generate sales-qualified leads making sure the Cost per lead was below the set standard and the ROAS every quarter was higher.

3. Defining Target Audience

Our team understood that Staffordglobal had a Global presence and every location had a different market than the latter.  Hence, we were able to define the right target audience with respect to demographics, location, age, gender, Interests, and behaviors. We also built a persona of the ideal Paid Customer the brand was looking for.

4. Competitor Analysis

Thoroughly analyzed the top 5 competitors to see how, where, and on what channels they are marketing. The top performing keywords of the competitors, the ad creatives, landing pages being used by them for different products, the creative strategy, and the funnel strategy that was being implemented. The competitors were also being monitored using certain tools to see the changes they were making to their advertisements.

5. Keyword Analysis

Thorough keyword research was performed: Brand, Location, Transactional, Informational, Investigational, and Aspirational. This was done to create the perfect ad structure to address the pain point of the ideal customer and target them with specific content.

6. Proposed Media Plan

Based on the above analysis, a media plan was proposed as per the budget agreed by the client determining costs per important metrics and goals determined by the client for individual ad platforms as per the timeline discussed.

7. Tracking Tag installation

Necessary Conversion tags and Event tags were implemented on Google Tag Manager for tracking and collecting the right data. This was essential to further optimize the campaigns and get the peak performance from them.

8. Creating effective Ad Copies

Based on the keywords selected there were separate Ad groups created. This was done to funnel the messaging according to the stage at which the ideal customer was. The copy for the ads was created to reflect the product/service reflecting the keyword to achieve the highest Quality score and to rank higher on the SERP for better impressions, clicks, and conversions.

9. Creating landing pages

When a click happens on an ad on the SERP, it will be re-directed to a certain website or landing page. Hence it is very important to have the same messaging on the landing page as to what was searched on the Search engine as a keyword. Google tracks it as a factor for its Quality Score. Hence each product has its own Landing page with optimal information. The landing pages were mobile optimized as well to maximize the performance.

10. Performance Measurement and Periodical Reporting

Weekly reports were provided to show the performance of the individual campaigns per ad platform, country, and product. Further steps for optimization were also discussed to maximize the performance of the campaigns. Quarterly reports were also sent to gauge the performance as per the Goals defined.


1. Higher Conversion Rate​

Stafford Global’s lead generation efforts significantly improved, with a 150% increase in conversion rate.

2. Lower Cost per Lead

A 100% decrease in Cost per Lead from the initial CPL with a higher number of leads converting into a student.

3. Increased ROAS

The team was able to achieve a ROAS of 13X for Stafford Global.

4. Increased Direct Traffic

The Performance marketing efforts not only yielded results through paid ads but also increased the total flow of Direct traffic to the website. This also led to Leads being generated without any cost.


The Campaign performance has strengthened Stafford Global’s lead-generation process yielding a higher number of Students at a lower cost. This also convinced the higher management of Staffordglobal to double their ad spend.

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