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PPC is not rocket science, it is as easy as a bidding / auction game, but it’s a complex bidding game. Every PPC Lead Generation Agency in Dubai does not want clients to know that with the right software PPC Lead Generation can be done in-house, however, that implies you dedicate 30 to 50% of your day looking into your PPC activities as compared to servicing and following up with clients.

32% of PPC agencies report that their clients primarily use PPC services to sell products or services directly. 35% use it to generate leads.

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Step by Step Process

1. Audit and Strategy

1. Initial account analysis (if already running ads) – Analyzing the current ad accounts, keywords analysis, ad structure analysis, best performing campaigns & ad groups, landing page analysis, important metrics overlook.

2. Determining clear goals – determining what the brand or company wants to achieve e.g., ROI, ROAS, Conversions & lower CPL, Impressions & Awareness etc.

3. Target audience – Defining who you want to target and where is important to determine if there is a market for the proposed product or service.

4. Competitor Analysis – Thorough analysis on your top 3-5 competitors to see how, where and on what channels they are marketing. The top performing keywords of the competitors, the ad creatives being used by them, the creative strategy being used, the funnel strategy being used.

5. Choosing platform – based on your target audience, we will define the ad platforms suitable for marketing.

6. Keyword analysis – thorough keyword analysis: Brand, Location, Transactional, Informational, Investigational, Aspirational

7. Choosing campaign types – Based on the goals set by the client, campaign types will be chosen e.g., if client was looking for Brand awareness, then the Awareness campaign type will be chosen to achieve the proposed target metrics.

8. Proposed Media Plan – Based on the above analysis, a media plan will be proposed as per the budget agreed by the client determining costs per important metrics and goals determined by the client platform and timeline wise.

2. Media Strategy Implementation & Reporting

1. Tracking tag installation – Proper conversion and tracking tags will be implemented on google tag manager for tracking and collecting the right data.

2. Creating effective ad copies – based on the keywords selected, the copy for the ads will be created to reflect the product/service reflecting the keyword to achieve highest Quality score and to rank higher on the SERP for better impressions, clicks and conversions.

3. Creating landing pages (for lead generation) – when a click happens on your ad on the SERP, it will be re-directed to a certain website or landing page. Hence it is very important to have the same messaging on the landing page. Google tracks it as a factor for its Quality Score

4. Campaign launch

5. Performance measurement and Periodical reporting – Effectively measuring the performance of the campaigns along with required campaign optimization.

6. Campaign ROI analysis and maintenance – Analyzing and reporting the metrics agreed upon in the initial meeting and to see if the targets were met. Maintaining the campaigns further to improve and fetch better results.

*Defining a budget – It is very important to understand the client’s budget before we can propose a strategy​

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