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PPC Lead Generation - Pay Per Click Services

PPC Lead Generation services are available for Google Ads, Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads etc.


Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Services

Our Search Engine Optimization includes On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Content Creation & Technical SEO Services.


Search Engine Marketing - SEM Services

We are experts in Google Search Ads and help clients generate high-intent leads, cost-effectively.


Social Media Marketing - SMM Services

Social Media Marketing services including Content creation & User engagement.

About SAM - A Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Building Brands Online

SAM is an acronym for SA-Marketing DMCC, a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai specialised in helping build a Brand’s Online presence.

This is accomplished by creating a holistic, multi-channel digital strategy individualised for each client, that encompasses both organic and paid lead generation approaches. The services we offer are PPC Lead Generation, SEO services and Social Media Marketing.

We believe in a Partnership model and choose our clients as much as they choose us.

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Behind-the-scenes with SAM

Data Gathering

We spend time researching your brand's digital footprint, the industry and your competitors.

Analysis & Design

We build a digital brand plan, and a specialised advertising plan designed around your objectives.

Testing & Optimisation

Once your plans are launched, we constantly test and optimise them to get you the highest ROI.

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